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ざっす / zassu : casual greeting for men

ざっす / zassu : a men’s casual greeting for several purposes

ざっす / zassu : casual greeting for men

ざっす / zassu is a very casual greeting for men.  It’s easy to use and can be used for several purposes.  You can greet your co-workers, class mates friends and families using this word.  But this is a casual greeting so do not use to someone who are not close to you.


What dose ざっす / zassu mean?

ざっす is an abbreviated form of ございます / gozaimasu.  You can see this word in “おはようございます(good morning)” and “ありがとうございます(thank you)”  so ざっす can be used as these phrases.


Actual pronunciation of ざっす

Actually ありがとうございます will be “あざっす” and おはようございます will be おざっす but you can also say just ざっす for both phrases.

Also, す / su at the end of this word is usually slightly pronounced, like only the consonant is pronounced.  In this sense zassu should be written as “zass”.


Examples of ざっす

A : そこにある書類とってくれない?

(A : Can you pass that document?)

B : はいよ

(B : Here you are)

A : ざっす

(A : Thanks)


A : おはようございます

(A : Good morning)

B : ざっす

(B : Morning)


Other forms of おはようございます and ありがとうございます

Other casually used form of these greetings are “おざます” and “あざます”.  In these forms “はようご” and “りがとうご” are dropped since they are pronounced very quickly.


Women usually don’t use these phrase

Well, I usually don’t hear women saying these phrase so if you are female it’s better not to use.  As for girls, I think they use among their friends.


Which to use depends on situations

As you know pronouncing properly fits in every situations but sometimes casual forms sounds more natural when you talk to someone you already got to know well.

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