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gyudon tsuyudaku / 牛丼 つゆだく

Tsuyudaku / つゆだく, a magic word for gyudon (beef and rice bowl).

gyudon tsuyudaku / 牛丼 つゆだく

Gyudon, the rice bowl topped with beef and onion simmered in a little sweet sauce flavored with soy sauce, is one of the most popular fast food in Japan.  It’s very popular especially among サラリーマン (salary-man =  a Japanese word to refer to salaried worker of men) and students.  Gyudon is cheap, tasty, served fast!


Gyudon is cheap!

Japanese big gyudon companies are 吉野家 (Yoshinoya), すき屋 (Sukiya), 松屋 (Matsuya).  You can find these gyudon-ya (牛丼屋) / Gyudon-restaurants in everywhere in major Japanese cities.  All of them serve gyudon under 500 yen. 


Let’s look at real examples (Current infomation).

  • 吉野家 / Yoshinoya : 380 yen
  • すき屋 / Sukiya : 350 yen
  • 松屋 / Matsuya : 290 yen


Really cheap, aren’t them?  Remember, it’s tasty!


Gyudon is served fast

Gyudon is served really fast, served within one minute!  This is one of the reasons Japanese loves.



It’s cheap but unlike cheap dishes, gyudon is tasty.  I think everybody’s satisfied with the taste of gyudon, no matter which restaurants you choose.  Flavoring is simple so we all love.


Let’s say つゆだく / Tsuyudaku when you order

If you want to enjoy juicy gyudon, which is really tasty I think, order one adding “つゆだく/ tsuyudaku”.  Tsuyudaku means “with a lot of soup”.  If you order a gyudon like saying “牛丼並盛つゆだくで / Gyudon namimori (regular size) tsuyudakude (with a lot of soup)” gyudon with extra soup will be served.

combination of rice and gyudon-soup is really tasty!


Tsuyudaku was a slang for gyudon-lovers but now it’s become common.

Order gyudon with tsuyudaku and experience real potential of gyudon!  

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