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How to say no to be panicked.

This is Daidai.

In this article I’ll talk about what to say to people who is panicked. In English I think the words and phrases used are like these:

– Calm down.
– It’s OK or I’ll be OK or everything is going to be OK.
– Don’t be panicked or you don’t have to be panicked.
– Relax!
– Take a deep breath.

These expressions are also used in Japanese.
Let’s see the phrases used in Japan.

Example 1 : Calm down.
A : I lost my wallet! Credit cards are in it…! Oh my gosh, how should I do…
(A : 財布をなくしちゃったよ、、、クレジットカードが入っているのに、、、。ああ、どうしよう)
B : Calm down. First you should call the credit card companies and make theme stop to be used.
(B : 落ち着いて。まずクレジットカードの会社に電話して、カードが使われるのを止めないと。)


Example 2 : It’s OK.
A : Tomorrow I have a big presentation. I’m really nervous… This could change my life.
(A : 明日はホントに重要なプレゼンがあるんだ。すごく緊張してるよ。人生がかかっているから。)
B : It’s gonna be OK. You practiced a lot. Be confident!
(B : うまくいくよ。たくさん練習したんだから。自身をもって!)

Example 3 : Don’t be panicked.
A : やばいやばい、寝坊しちゃった!!!
(A : Oh my gosh! I’ve overslept!!)
B : You can still make it so you don’t have to be panicked.
(B : まだ間に合うよ。慌てないで。)


Example 4 : Relax.
A : Tomorrow I have a first date with my girl friend. I’m afraid she’s gonna enjoy.
(A : 明日は彼女と初めてのデートなんだ。うまくいくかな…。)
B : Relax! She likes the you are. So be yourself.
(B : リラックス!彼女はありのままの君が好きなんだから、そのままでいなよ)


Example 5 : Take a deep breath.
A : I have a final exam tomorrow. I studied a lot but …
(A : 明日最終試験があるんだ。めっちゃ勉強したんだけど…)
B : Take a deep breath, deep breath. It’ll be OK.
(B : 深呼吸、深呼吸。大丈夫だって。)


That’s all for this article!

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