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What is サービス残業 / Sabisu (service) zangyo

Sabisu (service) zangyo/サービス残業 means unpaid overtime. In Japan “service” is used to describe a free offer so “sabis zangyo” means a worker offers a free overtime (unpaid overtime). However this word usually don’t include workers’ intention of offering. That is, workers need to or have to work so they do but their companies or employers don’t allow them to request overtime.

This has been an big issue of Japanese workers environment which the government and all the Japanese companies should deal with to solve. This is illegal so Japanese major companies of course pay their workers overtime. I think many of Japanese public/ listed companies pay their workers overtime. Well then, what about others? No they don’t. That’s why the word sabisu zangyo still remains.


please talk to your HR, your someone you trust, and stop being too patient.


Additional information
– サービス残業’s abbreviation is サビ残(サビざん)

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