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risuke-suru / リスケする

Risuke-suru / リスケする means reschedule.

risuke-suru / リスケする

Reschedule is a word that we Japanese also use.  Japanese pronunciation of this word is “risukeju-ru” and we usually use this word as “リスケする / risuke suru”.  Risuke is a shorten version of reschedule and suru means do so “risuke suru” means “do reschedule”.  This is one of the Japanglish.


Risuke is a common word both of business situations and ordinary conversations.  Let’s look at examples.



Examples of Risuke


A : 明日の会議、佐藤さんが参加できないみたいなんですが。

(Sato-san won’t be able to participate in the meeting tomorrow.)

B : なるほど。それじゃあリスケしようか。

(Well, let’s reschedule then.)


A : 夏の旅行なんだけど、花子ちゃん来れなくなちゃったんだって。

(Hanako-chan won’t be able to come to the travel this summer.)

B : え、そうなの? じゃあ、リスケしようよ! みんな集まれる日にしよう!

(Really?  So why don’t we reschedule?  It should be the day we all can get together!)



I think risuke has got popular in this 10 years.  Few people used this word 10 years ago in my experience but now risuke is really popular and you can hear this word in various situations.

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