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超 / めっちゃ : cho / meccha

One of the most used adjective and adverb in Japan : 超 / cho めっちゃ / meccha

超 / めっちゃ : cho / meccha

超 / チョー [cho] and めっちゃ / meccha are one of the most used adjective and adverb in Japan.  This word is not formal so you usually can’t use this in business situations but this is really common in all ages (especially common under 40’s).


超 and めっちゃ mean super, very, so.  It’s 超 easy to use, just put this word before adjective and verb.  These word are used in both positive and negative meanings. 



Usage of 超


(I’m so tired today.)



(This question is super difficult.)



(That girl is super cute.)



(He’s super good-looking guy, isn’t he?)



(I’ve worked super hard this week.)



(My vision is really bad.)



It’s めっちゃ easy, is’t it?


We use these adjective and adverb in both speaking and writing(e-mail, chat) Japanese.  They are really popular and common so try to use!

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