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Meanings and usage of Osewani natte orimasu / お世話になっております.


お世話になっております / o-sewa-ni-natte-orimasu is a popular greeting.  世話 / sewa means taking care and the phrase directly translated as I’m being taken care of.


Sounds weird as a greeting?  Yes, it sounds really weird if you grasp this directly. 


Actually there aren’t exact the same expression of this phrase in English.  お世話になっております has a variety of meanings but usually this is used at the begging of conversation or e-mail and implies appreciation like “Thank you for something” or “I appreciate something”.




Let’s look at some examples.



Thank you for your visiting our shop again.  What would you want today?


This is a greeting when a customer comes to your shop.



Thank you for your using our products.  Today we would like to introduce our new product.


Above is an example of a business e-mail.



Hi, I appreciate you always being good to our son.


This could be a conversation trigger when you meet your kind neighbor who always take care of your son.


Like above, お世話になっております is a flexible greeting to begin conversation or e-mail.  With this phrase, you show your appreciation at the beginning and then continue conversation.


On the other hand, however, this is a just greeting and often it’s nothing more than “hi / hello”.


Different versions of お世話になっております is below;

  • お世話さまです / o-sewa-sama-desu (a little bit casual)
  • お世話になります / o-sewa-ni-narimasu
  • どうもです / doumo-desu (very casual, don’t use in business situations!)


Hope this is useful for you!

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