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yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu / よろしくお願いします

What does yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu mean?

 yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu / よろしくお願いします

Yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu / よろしくお願いします is a phrase that we Japanese often use in conversation or e-mail.  However, I think for many Japanese including me it’s hard to explain this phrase properly.  Why?  The biggest reason is, I think, the meaning of this phrase differs with situations.  There isn’t one proper word to describe this phrase both in Japanese and English (even in Japanese!).


Well, I thought about yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu before I write this article and have reached out an answer.  Basically yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu means “please do something” or “I hope something” and this phrase is used to make things go well and emphasize something.



Basic Usage

A : はじめまして、谷口です。よろしくお願いします。

(Nice to meet you.  I’m Taniguchi. Please do get along with each other.)


B : はじめまして、佐藤です。こちらこそ、よろしくお願いします。

(It’ nice to meet you too.  I’m Sato.  Of course.)


In the case above, A doesn’t said “Please do get along with each other” in Japanese but よろしくお願いします implies that.


This phrase is also used in E-mail as a closing phrase.  Below is an example that a person send a report to his boss.




(Attached is the today’s report.  Could you check that out?  Please check that.)❞


“Please check that” is a counterpart translation to “どうぞ、よろしくお願いします”.  This may sound strange because you repeat the same thing but closing with this phrase sounds politer.  If you’re writing to your friends or someone you’re close to よろしくお願いします can be omitted.



Other examples


(I am Yamada, today’s MC.  I hope you all welcome me / please welcome me.)



(It’s the final game tomorrow.  I hope you’re rooting for me / please root for me!)


“今日みなさんのガイドを務めます鈴木です。今日一日、楽しみましょう! よろしくお願いします!”

(I’m Suzuki, today’s guide.  Let’s enjoy all day long!  Please enjoy!)



(I don’t have enough experience in this field but I’ll do my best so I hope you all welcome me.)


” 今日は本当にありがとうございました。今後とも、よろしくお願いします。”

(Thank you so much for today.  I hope we keep a good relationship.)



Casual version

I hope you somehow understand the nuances of よろしくお願いします.  As the examples above よろしくお願いします has a lot of meaning depending of situations and implies hope, request, confirmation, emphasis. 


Next, let’s look at casual usage.  よろしくお願いします can be よろしく or よろしくね when talking to people you’re close to, like your friends and family.


A : 夕飯の買い出しに行ってくるね

(I’ll go shopping for dinner.)

B : ありがとう! よろしくね!

(Thanks! Please!)



Also, よろしくお願いします will be shortened to お願い (please).


” 明日そのゲーム持ってきてくれない? お願い!”

(Can you bring that game tomorrow?  Please!)



Could you grab the meanings of よろしくお願いします?  I hope you can.

This phrase is not always necessary in conversation or e-mail but very useful as a closing phrase and with this phrase it’ll be looked politer.


I’ll keep posting useful and interesting articles so どうぞ、よろしくお願いします (please keep checking out my website)!

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