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Spoiler (netabare) uploaders are arrested for copyright infringement (chosakuken-ihan).

Japanese spoiler (netabare) uploaders arrested

Spoiler (netabare) uploaders are arrested for copyright infringement (chosakuken-ihan).

Five Japanese who uploaded spoilers (ネタバレ / neta-bare) of one of the biggest manga title in Japan, One Piece, were arrested on suspicion of copyright infringements (著作権違反 / chosakuken-ihan).  The police announced on 6th September. 


The suspects admitted their suspect and said that they bought the manga where it’s on sold before release date and scan pages as images to upload on their website.

It’s said that they’ve earned ad revenue of 305 million yen from their website.


This is the first case of arresting manga spoiler uploaders in Japan.


Piracy (海賊行為) becomes prevalent these days as you can see a lots of piracy all around the web and Japan is also the country where copyright infringement of this kind is popular.   


From this arrest a part of piracy may be braked.


Copyright infringement, Piracy, Spoiler in Japanese

  • Copyright infringement is 著作権違反  / chosaku0ken (copyright) – ihan(infringement). 
  • Piracy is 海賊行為 / kaizoku (pirate) – koui (act).
  • Spoiler is ネタバレ / neta – bare.


If you are interested in this news and want to read a Japanese article please check the article below;

ワンピース最新作「ネタバレサイト」に載せた疑いで逮捕” (from Asahi-shinbun digital)

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