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bathroom / restroom / lavatory == トイレ / お手洗い / 便所、、とか. How to say bathroom in Japanese??

Hi, it’s Aki.

Here in Japan, everyday is like in boiling pot…


By the way TOKYO is a tiny city but her climate has several faces.
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Harajuku always says,
“You see that…? “

…OK let’s forget about that creature.



Well, today’s word is bathroom / restroom / lavatory.

Like English Japanese has several expressions to describe bathroom / restroom / lavatory == トイレ / お手洗い / 便所、、とか.



No. 1 トイレ [toire]

トイレ, Japanese pronunciation is “toire”, is the same word of toilet (pronunciation is also similar).
This word is the very common word. You can use this both in casual and business occasions.

Example sentences
* These expressions are interchangeable so you can use the all phrases below exchanging “トイレ” with other words for “トイレ”.

If you want to go to the bathroom, you can simply say like below;

“toire ni itte kuru.”
(I’m going to the bathroom.)
* This phrase should be used for your family or friends


“sumimasen, toire ha doko de shoka?”
(Excuse me, where is the bathroom?)
* I think this expression can be used both casual and business occasions.


If you say “どちらでしょうか / dochira de shoka?” rather than “どこでしょうか / doko de shoka?” it sounds more polite.


“sumimasen, toire o okari sitai no desuga (yoroshii desyoka)?”
(Excuse me, can I use the bathroom?)
* This is a polite expression but you can omit “よろしいでしょうか / yoroshii desyoka”


If you travel Japan you may be able to find public bathrooms or find shops where you can use the bathroom. When you’re finding the bathroom outside, this expression may help you.


“kono atari de toire o okari dekiru tokoro ha arimasu deshoka?”
(Do you know places where I can use the bathroom?)



No. 2 お手洗い [o te arai]

お手洗い(おてあらい / o te arai) is Japanese word for bathroom. This word directly describes “手を洗う場所 / te o arau basho” which means “where to wash your hands” so I think this word is similar to “restroom” or “bathroom” to refer toilet.

This is formal word so you can use in any scenes.


No. 3 便所 [benjo]

Compared to above, 便所(べんじょ / benjo) is “the boss” in my opinion. 便(べん) [ben] has several meanings but in this context 便[ben] is “feces and urine”. 所 means place. Yes, 便所(benjo) is where you do “feces and urine”.



So, so…..

to be continued

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